August 10, 2016

How it Works

How you Feel today!
Being at Office, at Home, or on the Go, whenever and wherever you need let us know how you feel today.
For any conditions, remember your doctors is just click away.
Select conditions, fill required information (you profile history will be populated along).
** for emergency you can directly start video call.

Search & Select

Based on your preference and history, list of Doctors will be populated. you have privileges to select doctors. Also you can see Doctors/Providers Profile, patients track records, Testimonial, Rating and Reviews.

Schedule Appointment or See Doctor now

You can schedule appointment, or based on selected Doctor’s availability either you can be in waiting room, where you will receive real time alerts. Alternatively, you can see doctors now by selecting any available doctors link.

Consultation Room

This room will be exclusively for you to interact with doctors with facilitation of video call, chat messages, audio call, upload document/ reports.

Get Prescription

Doctors will send perception to you selected pharmacies, you will receive call for pick or drop as per pharmacies facilities.


With direct insurance settlement option to pay online bills, you can be up-to-date with your finances.

Proactive Intelligence

This feature is purple cow of the system; our mission is not just to facilities sick care but to enrich real healthcare. With routine data collection app engagements and proactive intelligent system’s prime concern will to keep you healthy. System will suggest Diet, Nutrition’s, prescriptions as it required.

This website is under construction and we are currently testing our product.